Off to Addington Spring show this week. I'll be there set up Friday, Saturday and Sunday. First show of the year so looking forward to it, just hope the weather warms up a little.

It's been a while since I did a post!! I got so busy with Christmas orders I forgot!! Here are a few but best to go on to my FB page to keep updated with all the latest paintings .

Well Welsh Home Pony was a great success! Love the pony shows!!

I've also been to Scope the week long showjumping festival in it's new venue which was also very busy. I am getting booked up so book Christmas orders soon, or you will miss out! Back to the easel this week after a few days away.

Best place to see my pics I have been working ones Facebook Lindsay Hill artist or Instagram Lindsay_Hill_artist

These are a few gone in the last week. The four poodles were framed and went just before Hickstead but the others this last week.

I've just booked to go to the Welsh Home Pony at David Broomes place. So I'll be there and Scope in it's new location of Oswestry.

So i've been to Bolesworth International and Hickstead in the last two weeks. Nick came as promised and signed the prints and original. They are now for sale via Facebook, my website or just give me a call! £79 unframed plus £6 p+p.

I have been busy with a lot of dog portraits , but they are all surprises so I can't post them yet! So here is Betsy enjoying Weston Lawns Pony Premier a couple of weeks ago! She's being a bit of a super star at the shows!! : )

These are 3 that are off to Norway, orders from when I went over recently.

Last week I was at The Blue-chip Championships at Hartbury. A lovely week with my new mate Betsy who had the time of her little life! She really enjoyed meeting EVERYONE!!

Ok, So Betsy has arrived! A bundle of trouble!! I had forgotten about puppies and what total time wasters they are! Betsy will be company whilst I'm working and when I'm away at  shows. I've had a lonely old year since losing Poppy last Easter. Betsy has big shoes to fill but looking forward to the fun of owning a terrier again!

Second picture is of two horses that are going over to Norway. The chestnut had lovely face markings . More detailed pictures can be seen on my Facebook page Lindsay Hill artist.

I've done a couple since I got back from Norway but I can't post as they are surprises. This beautiful cob I painted whilst I was at the show and just touched it up at home he is for my tradestand.  I needed one with tack on as most on my stand that I use as display have non on.  I think you'll agree, he is rather handsome!!??

Oh and another piece of news, I'm getting a new puppy next week. It's taken me a year to get over losing my beloved Poppy that I had nearly 16 years. Besty will be keeping me company now at home and at the shows and will hopefully fill the huge gap Poppy left.

So i'm back after a great trip to Norway at the Arctic Equestrian games. Big thank-you to Geir Gulliksen and his family for putting me up and helping with the show. I borrowed some of their pictures for the show and took a couple over with me.

These two are a couple I painted before I went a 2 horse portrait and 3 dog painting. The ponies were a lasting memory of two great jumping ponies that are being sold . The dogs a birthday present for their male owner as this man is hard to buy for apparently and  this went down very well, I'm told!

Order book looking ok now , next stop Blue-Chip Championships at Hartbury then I think Pony of the year at Bury Farm.

Two beautiful horse paintings I'm taking over to Norway with me to give to their owners. These portraits are of show jumper David Guetta for Geir Gulliksen and a lovely stallion portrait of Maximillian.  Really enjoyed painting these two , back nice and fresh after my break away.

I'm leaving to exhibit at the Arctic Equestrian games in Norway in a couple of weeks. Second year of going and hoping it's as successful as last year! Must not forget thermals!

Happy New Year to you all. I had a lovely break after my usual mad Christmas rush and I went to Australia for 3.5 weeks. These are a few of the ones I did for Christmas , if you want to see more it's best to look on my Facebook page. There is a link on here to see them.

I'm back to work and got a lovely set of three dogs I've just finished and a few horses to do then I'm off to Norway again to the Arctic Equestrian games I went last year and loved it, so I'm going back with a lot of warm clothes!

I am selling the original of Milton & It's Otto that prints were taken from. It is signed by John Whitaker , Geoff Billington and Lindsay Hill. It's a beautiful painting of two legends in the showjumping world. It is now reduced to £1200 and would make a great Christmas gift!!

I have also beed selling cushions with the portraits I have done printed onto them. This is one of the lovely pony Tiger Tim who sadly died earlier this year. They are great stocking fillers and there are quite a few that will be in stockings this year!

I have been so busy with Christmas orders the last couple of months. Working all hours and late in to the night to keep on target and get them all done. The end is now in sight but I just can't post many. These two I can. The first of the two horses belongs to a fantastic Para rider Toby Bevins. He's a absolute inspiration and it was a pleasure to meet him. The second, the big bear ' Bertie.' I didn't get to meet him, the photo was sent, but I did enjoy painting him. Roll on Christmas and a bit of time off!

Well I'm getting on with the Christmas orders. Here are some that are for Christmas but the owners have seen them! Flossy however ( the chestnut on the easel) I painted a few weeks ago. Posted to her previous owners ( Amanda and Carl Edwards) so the new owners could collect, but they kindly gave it to Amanda as she loved it and the horse so much. So an identical one has now been sent directly the time to Ireland!

The terriers are for Show jumper Janette Powell to add to her collection. The two horses I saw at Hickstead. I photographed the grey ( a cruising Stallion) and boy does he look like his dad!

Painting lots of showjumping ponies at the moment, mostly as surprises . Love doing them as the ponies are generally wonderful characters. Lots of Greys at the moment so going through lots of white!

Ive been so busy with Christmas orders that I can't post yet. These two I however can. The dog is for a besotted dad and the horse is off to Ireland. He died suddenly earlier this year so I hope this will bring some comfort.

Well what a great Scope show I had!! Never been so busy!! A long week, I got lots of work done whilst I was there including these two. The others were Christmas gifts so i can't reveal them yet!

Head down now and full on painting!

I've been working on a few that are Christmas presents so I can't reveal them! This one I have painted twice now, once last year for the old owner of these two ponies and this time for the present one!

I will be exhibiting at SCOPE SHOWJUMPING FESTIVAL next week. It starts Saturday and lasts a week . I'm indoors so will be open until late every night.  A really long show, but every year my best show with lots of orders.

These are a few horse and dog portraits I have been working on whilst at Bolesworth and Hickstead and since I've been home. I have now dried off after the terrible weather  at both shows...what a wash out!! Thankfully I still took some good orders but I have to say I've never seen conditions like it!!

The first portrait here is 'Our Candy" from Carl Edwards's showjumping team all the the prefix "Candy." Our Candy has now been sold to Ireland and this is where this picture will be going once she's framed.

The other three are all off to Holland. I was commissioned at Bolesworth for them but knew if they were ready quick they could be taken over by hand rather than posting. Always worth asking! The little dog Nala was a sweet heart and very much loved. The bay was painted off the customers photos as he was at home in Holland.have a look at my Facebook page lindsay hill artist  for better photos.

I'm settling up for BOLESWORTH show this week which starts for riders on Wednesday and the public on Thursday. Its a great family day out and some great shopping, so come down and say Hi. I can also take photos of any dogs and horses that may be there too for portraits. Straight after Bolesworth I'm going down to HICKSTAED DERBY. Bit of a track from Cheshire but I'm hoping it will be worth it. Not been for a few years, so we will have to see how it goes. I'm round the back near the back rings on competitors row.

Two more done that were given as surprises. One travelled down south and the jack russell was for my brother from me for a BIG birthday. Meet Scooby and Mia.

These are more show jumpers that are going over to Norway. I think they must only have handsome horses over there!

I've done a couple of others but they are secrets for a couple more weeks , so I'll put them on after they have been given!

These are two I've done this week. A lovely big chestnut horse and a little miniature pinscher , both going to the same home. Not my normal angle for the horse but I took lots of photos of him as I saw him at the Blue chip Championships and he just turned to look at a passing horse and we all decided this was a really nice one of him. The little dog, apparently doesn't like his photo being taken , or at least they can never normally get a good one, but I got quite a few of tis little character. Nothing has beaten me yet as far as getting a good picture is concerned! Couple of days off then back to it next week.

I haven't been able to post the last few portraits of horses and dogs as they are all surprises, but these two have now been given to a lucky girl. Two lovely jumping ponies Tiger Tim and Narnia.

Painted these two at BlueChip Championships and just touched them up at home. They need to be framed and sent off to Norway. The stallion was such a gentle giant. Originally from the UK, Clayton Boy was a handsome chap! The dark bay in the  double portrait is one I have painted before for Geir Gullksen but now has a new owner so these are for them along with a couple of others I'm yet to finish!

Currently at The Bluechip showjumping championships at Hartbury College . Having lost my little sidekick dog on Tuesday I'm feeling very lonely coming to a show without her! These are the last two portraits I did before I came away. RIP Poppy dog : (

A couple I can post now they have been given as presents! The second one I gave to my oldest friend for her half century birthday. We got tears which is always good!

First one I  have done for Norway. I've done a couple of others this and last week but I can't post them as they are surprises! This is a lovely coloured jumping pony.

What a great week in Norway. Lots of lovely orders with some beautiful horses to paint. So last week I was back at the easel. I've done a couple of surprises so I can't post them yet! This one I can, a lovely stallion Graf Quindam.

Well I arrived in Norway for the Arctic Equestrian games. It is stunning, the venue and setting. I have to do a massive shout out and thanks to International Showjumper Geir Gulliksen for sorting it for me. Lets see how business goes now, hopefully lots of commissions!

DSC_2184 (1)

Latest portrait done and taken it to the courier today. A handsome show jumper I saw at Aintree.

This week I'm off to Norway to a great show over there. I will be exhibiting and I'm really looking forward to it. It's all been possible with  help from international rider Geir Gulliksen.

This year I will also be at Blue Chip Winter championships, Bolesworth, Hickestad Derby and Scope. So keep an eye out for me!!

Latest portrait done for John Hales who owns quite a few top horses, show jumping and racing. He owns showjumping stallion Arko & Russell and lots of racehorses. I have done a lot of work for the family over the years and this latest one of Al Ferof is to go in his racing gallery at home.

I didn't take these photos as Al Ferof is in training at Dan Skeltons yard in Warwick, so one of the stable girls sent them up, but she did a good job with some hints from me . Took 2 attempts to get the best photo though!

Good week with two dogs completed now working on a racehorse in training at Dan Skeltons and owned by the great horse ambassador Mr John Hales.

Welcome to my new website. I hope you can navigate your way around and find everything you were looking for.
My blog and Facebook page will keep you up to date with latest work and any shows I will be at. So look out for new posts.