Ordering & Hints

I only need one GOOD photo. You can email any photos you have to


Once I have a good photo ( see below) I will need your details ( address, phone number and email.)Then the size you want, frame and name if you want that on too. ( See framing and prices page for these details.) I also get a deposit which can be a card payment or bank transfer. Once the portrait is done, I will send a photo to make sure nothing needs changing. Then I will require the full amount once you are happy. I have different methods of posting depending on where it's going.

How to take the perfect photo.


I need good close-up photographs at preferably a 3/4 angle. Take your horse out of the stable with the sun behind photographer. The background doesn’t matter.  Position the horse so you can see the whole of one side, then stand near the head. Turn the camera portrait so when you get near the horse you will fill the frame with the head and neck. This should get a nice angle of the neck, so they turn their heads not body.

Get someone to help by standing by the photographer’s side , shaking a bucket, or rattling a plastic bag to get the horse’s ears alert.

Just take a few slightly different angles and do both sides, to see which you prefer.

If you don’t want the bridle or headcollar on the portrait, slip it round their neck so I can get as much detail as possible.

I can change some things like tidy manes, tack and remove headcollars ,but I won’t change angles of heads.

The better the photo, the better the portrait.


Take them outside in natural light. You will probably need to tie them up, then stand away but keep at the same eye level to them. Have the person  they know the best to sit by the photographer’s side with a treat or favourite ball.  Take the photographs as close as you can with the subject alert , I find a 3/4 angle the best again. Take some of both sides so you can see which you prefer

I can change some things , like remove some grey and remove scars  and collars etc. but i won’t change angles.

The better the photo, the better the portrait.

CATS etc...

Same rules apply to all subjects. Good close up alert pictures in natural light. With cats either go outside with the cat over a shoulder or if you have to take them indoors stand near a big window or conservatory.

3/4 angles are better than front on.

The better the photo, the better the portrait.

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